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Healing Haven
Linking Hands and Hearts is proud to support programs at Healing Haven, in Madison Heights, MI. The Healing Haven was established in 2010. They initially began as a stress management clinic for families of children with special needs, but over the years they have grown into a thriving clinic that offers a variety of behavioral services for children, in addition to stress management services for families.

Providers that offer behavioral services (ABA) to families of children with special needs are in high demand. The recent change in insurance legislation for children with autism has made this evidenced-based therapy an option for families that previously found it financially out of reach. As such, the demand far exceeds the supply. Clinics such as the Healing Haven often find that ever expanding space and resources are necessary to continue to accommodate the high level of demand. Donations made to Linking Hands and Hearts will help Healing Haven staff meet these needs.

The Healing Haven's emphasis on the family as a whole makes their program unique. While an emphasis on early intervention for children with special needs is common, little attention is given to early intervention for parental coping strategies. Research indicates that parents who can manage their stress effectively have children that are better behaved and families that are better adjusted.The Healing Haven also recognizes the important role siblings play, and offers unique support groups for them. Siblings are incorporated into everyday therapy whenever possible. These types of services are not always covered through insurance. Families that find this to be a financial hardship often miss out on an integral piece of therapy. Donations made to Linking Hands and Hearts will also help support scholarships for families to receive these services. 

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